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Search Engine Optimization Provides The Lowest Acquisition Cost Per Lead Of Any Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of carefully configuring your site to improve its performance on search engines. This process has grown more complex as the internet has morphed into a smarter body of connected data. Unravel designs websites that are designed and deployed with a Search Engine Optimization strategy in place.

With more than 3 billion queries received every day, Google’s capacity to provide exposure for your business is unrivaled. Unravel Digital Marketing helps you shape up and take control of the top real estate on Google’s search engine results pages (SERP) through our Kansas City SEO services.

Our brand of in-depth analysis and masterful recommendations make us the perfect antidote to an ineffective search engine optimization campaign. We will make sure that you’re on the right track, whether you’re new to SEO or have been suffering losses from a campaign that doesn’t deliver.

There are four main areas to focus on when it comes to SEO:

On-Page SEO

Each page in your website can help you rank, or cause you to go down the ladder. As such, on-page SEO is the action that primes any page for a higher rank and for relevant traffic from search engines. We basically alter the components of a webpage, the meta data, heading tags, and content among others, to be more search engine-friendly.

The perfectly optimized page has a lot to do with user experience, and we plan to give your readers the best one. As web surfers, ourselves, we know that there’s nothing better than exploring a well-put together site.

Off-Page SEO

Links are central to off-page SEO, but we’d be remiss to think that links are the onlything about off-page. Off-page SEO is what you do outside of your site, which positively reinforces your reputation. Link building is at the top of this activity, but without the support of blogs, social media bookmarks, and authoritative citations, it would be incomplete.

Content Writing

Another umbrella term under SEO, content writing is what you see on each website. It’s the images, blogs, web copy, and much more that you see and read. This is also what Google scrutinizes, so getting your content right will do far more than just help you rank. Well-curated content establishes what kind of business you are. Brand identity matters, as it is important to your customers and is what will help you connect with them.

Local SEO

If you are a small business, local SEO is one of the most important tools for you. No longer do you have to distribute flyers and hire the town crier, local SEO will make you visible to your nearest customers.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need clarification on our SEO services.


Untangling SEO Issues

SEO is much more complex than just sprinkling the right keywords on your pages. At Unravel, we base our decisions on the actual terms searchers are typing. This is powerful data because it helps us identify and solve three big SEO issues early, namely:

1) Content Structure

We set up “content silos” to organize the content of your site into directories so that specific keywords are used in the URL of the site.  This is both a user-friendly and SEO-friendly method of communicating well-written web content to people visiting your site while providing search engines with the proper content hierarchy to index.

2) Navigation Design

The searching public has grown more sophisticated, placing a greater demand for sites that address their questions more quickly within an easy-to-navigate design. We develop websites that are designed make your site stickier–reeling in more traffic and allowing them to find what they’re looking for in the fastest amount of time possible.

3) Compelling Content Creation

It has been said a million times: “Content is King” on the web. Your content must be compelling enough so it will create conversions and attract the right links to your domain. Authoring the right content that succinctly communicates to your target audience is difficult to do and can make or break any web effort.

Designing Your SEO Strategy

Successful search engine optimization starts with design and never stops. Ongoing SEO is about caring for your content, your message and your domain so that it remains fresh, relevant and adaptive to your users and search engines.

Unravel is highly adept at creating “sticky” user experiences, which is why our client sites enjoy a speedy rise to the first page of search engines and a steady stream of high-quality leads from their web sites.

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